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When it comes to Japanese secretaries, they are known for their efficiency and hard work. But one young secretary has taken her job to a whole new level.Meet Yumi, a 25 year old secretary from Tokyo, who loves to use her feet in her work. She is a self-proclaimed “foot fetishist” and she loves to use her feet to type, answer phones, and even take dictation from her boss.Yumi says that she always had a fascination with feet, and she loves the feeling of having them on the keyboard. She says that it’s a way to relax and get into her work.Yumi’s boss is very supportive of her unique way of working and he has even allowed her to bring her own footstool to the office. Yumi says that it helps her stay focused and she can type faster with her feet than she can with her hands.Yumi admits that her coworkers are a bit surprised by her unique way of working, but they’ve come to accept it. In fact, some of them have even asked her to teach them how to use their feet to type.Yumi says that she loves her job and she’s proud to be able to use her feet to help her get the job done faster. She also says that it’s a great way to show her boss that she’s willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right.So if you’re ever in need of a secretary who can type with her feet, look no further than Yumi. She’s the go-to girl for all your foot-typing needs.

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