sweet balls sucking from two girls pov

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Two girls, both wearing tight dresses and their hair pulled back, stand side by side in front of a table. On it, there are two bowls filled with sweet balls. They look at each other and smile before they both lean down and begin to suck on the sweet balls.The sweet balls are soft and chewy, and they have a delicious sugary taste. The girls savor the flavor and enjoy the sensation of the sweet balls on their tongues. As they suck on the sweet balls, their lips become sticky and coated with the sugary residue.The girls close their eyes and moan in pleasure as they continue to suck on the sweet balls. They take turns, each one taking a few more than the other. They can't get enough of the sweet balls and keep going until they are both satisfied.When they are finished, they look at each other and laugh. They had a great time and they both know that they will be coming back for more sweet balls soon.

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